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Swanson Developments - Property Developments

Millions of square feet of Land, Retail, Industrial, Commerical, and Office Property

Commercial Real Estate

Swanson Developments - Commercial Real Estate

Retail, Office, Warehouse, Flex Space, Land, Single Tenant and Multi-Tenant Buildings, and Build to Suit

Residential Real Estate

Swanson Developments - Residential Real Estate

Condos, Apartments, Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, and Development Sites

Swanson Developments

Swanson Developments - AvailableWelcome to Swanson Developments. We are a part of the Swanson family of companies that are here to help you with your commercial and residential real estate needs.

We buy, sell and trade developed and undeveloped land. We lease, manage, develop, and build commercial and residential property. Allow us the opportunity to help you build your future by meeting your real estate needs in an effort to turn your dreams into reality.

Swanson Developments, LP owns and manages millions of square feet of industrial, commercial and retail/office property, owns hundreds of acres of real estate for future development.

In 2000, the family tradition continues as Joseph Swanson's four children Debby, Joe Jr., Carmel and Adam as well as Debby's husband Bruce and Carmel's husband Tom became actively involved in the company's daily operations.

A commercial contracting business building schools, churches, high rise and single level office buildings and all other commercial structures on a bid or negotiated basis. The business has building quality construction since 1962. Mr. Swanson became a partner in 1975.

Why Choose Us

Our mission at Swanson Companies is to help you build your future and turn your dreams into reality through professional service and personal relationships that have helped our company grow through its 80+ year history while daily applying the Biblical principal:

In all that you do bring glory to God.

1 Peter 4:11